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Release Canine LLC

is located in Phoenix, Arizona. 


 We aim to help you and your dog create a positive bond through Scent Work training, keep healthy through Canine Bodywork, and capture amazing moments from these efforts with Dog Sports Photography. 

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Release the best version of your dog

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Aleks Woodroffe

"Our relationship with our dogs has to be one of trust and respect. When these are given from both dog and human, an incredible bond can be built."

After finishing my Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta in 2006 and moving down to Arizona to start working with the State of Arizona, my husband and I got our first dog as adults. Rosey was an energetic Flat-Coated Retriever and she led me to discover agility. I quickly learned I loved the sport and after absorbing as much as I could, I began teaching in 2014 at Top Notch Canines. Adopting Samantha in 2011 gave me a whole new set of skills to learn, she is a lovely people dog, but had anxiety and was uncomfortable around other dogs. It was through Samantha that I learned about behavioral rehabilitation, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, and Scent Work! Tana came into our lives in 2016 and together we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our scent work journey!


Shortly after starting to teach agility, Rosey had an iliopsoas injury that pulled her from competition. It was through her injury that she taught me about rehabilitation, sports injuries,  canine massage, and ultimately the love in competing in Scent Work. I attended the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage in Spring 2016 and became certified as a Canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist (CTMT), and Advanced Canine Massage Therapist (ACMT). Rosey and I were able to earn our NW1 before she passed.

It seems that life has a way to come back in circles, it seems to have for me. While in school I studied and worked in a moth pheromone research lab, so spent my days studying how moths follow pheromones back to source. I now use this knowledge every day during canine scent work teaching and competition. I'm always excited to share my knowledge with my scent work students and am so happy to celebrate all their successes! Teaching in person and online is something I really look forward to every day. 

I grew up at a dressage training facility and listened to my mother patiently teach her students. My teaching style is very similar and I often hear her voice in my head as I mark a moment of brilliance in my own students. Learning from my father, a small-town physician, I learned the value of rational thought and scientific justification for my actions and beliefs. His example helped me through school and is a foundation that I value every day in my adult life. I think the patient teacher and thoughtful bodyworker I am today is a big part based on the lessons I've learned from them both.

Highlights of Aleks Woodroffe's Nosework - High in trial NW1, NW2, N3 elite, and Performance Dog Championship in agility

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, with my husband and our two dogs, Tana, and Georges.

I'm a full-time Canine Scent Work Trainer, AKC Scent Work Judge and Canine Bodyworker.

I am fortunate to be able to compete with Tana, who has earned first overall in all levels of NACSW we have competed so far, as well as the majority of our runs are pronounced. We earned our Elite 3 in June 2022 and in just 8 trials. She is also the first Flat-Coated Retriever to have earned AKC's Scent Work Master Elite (SWME) title as well as SWME2 (80Qs in Master), as well as the Scent Work Detective title (and now SWD2). We are working towards our SWME3 and "SWD 3" titles now!

Tana had a litter of puppies in the summer of 2021 and from that litter I found my next partner. Georges is a fun guy that is everything I didn't know I wanted in a dog. I'm very excited to see where our journey takes us! He currently has his AKC SW Excellent title in AKC and has passed his NW1, working on focus and skills so he can play confidently in NW2.

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Offering massage and fitness programs for all stages of life. I enjoy working with your animal care team to help develop the best treatment plan for you and your dog.

Dogs use their noses every day, it's time that we let them use their noses for fun! I teach competitive scent work primarily based on operant conditioning and positive reinforcement. I believe that this is the quickest and strongest way to introduce odor to all types of dogs. Plus, they love it!

I capture the essence of your working relationship needed to succeed in dog sports. Catching moments of pure joy, split seconds of amazing athleticism, and perfect instants of connection!


What people say about Scent Work Classes

“Aleks is truly an intuitive and knowledgeable dog trainer...I will always want to work with her, with any dog, she "reads" my dog better than I do, but helps me see the good in every interaction and experience. Plus, my girl loves her!” 

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