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My Training Philosophy

Trust your dog.

Your dog's actions speak loudly if you take the time to listen and understand what they are trying to tell you. 


By listening and using your dog's actions to guide how to train, it is possible to create the right environments for optimum learning and utmost joy.


My primary goal in training is to ensure the dog is having fun learning what we are trying to teach it - whether that be how to sniff out birch odor, how to balance on a curb, or how to cope with arousing environments. 


Canine Scent Work

Canine scent work is a relatively new sport that is modeled off of professional canine detection work. Dogs work to find the source of a specific essential oil that has been hidden. 

This sport is unique in that your dog working independently, and when built up with solid foundations, can change even the meekest dog into a confident sniffer! The relationship that you can create through training scent work is a working relationship that can be transferred into "normal" life and through any other dog sports.

I'm always amazed at how sensitive our dogs are to odor, our influence, and the environment. Through training, I can help you start to observe how amazing your dog's nose really can be!


Scent Work Classes

Release Canine Scent Work classes help teach you and your dog about the amazing sport of scent work. In classes, either online or in person, we will work to create clarity and confidence while you both learn to become a strong working team ready to do well in competition.


Please CLICK "Class Information" for more information about each class and how to sign up. 

If you would like to be notified of upcoming classes or events, please subscribe to the Release Canine emails.



Scent Work Trials

AKC Scent Work is growing! Aleks has been helping get trials started in the valley and is helping clubs learn how to hold well-run and efficient trials. A list of trials in the Phoenix Area are listed below, and I will make an effort to post the PDF of the premiums associated with each trial when they are available.


Upcoming Sniffy Competitions in AZ:



February 25/26 2024 - NW3/Elite - Benson AZ

March 9 - ORT - Tucson

May 4/5 2024 - SUMMIT - Sedona AZ

Click here to see Colorado Trials



December 16/17, 2023 - Apache Junction, AZ (BCCAZ)

January 13/14, 2024 - Tucson, AZ (SDSWC)

January 19-21, 2024 - Phoenix, AZ (SKC)

February 9-11, 2024 - Phoenix, AZ (JCAC)

February 24/25, 2024 - Glendale, AZ (BCCAZ)

April 13/14, 2024 - Prescott, AZ (CVCTC)

April 26, 2024 - Phoenix AZ (CSSWC) - Double Novice & Advanced Interior + Detective


Release Canine & Successful Sniffer are hosting a Detective/Elite style event on March 18, 2024

This fun event will allow teams to test their skills and build points while learning to take risks in a competitive environment. Hide placement will be at the level of Detective/NACSW Elite level and priority entry will be given to teams that are competing at this level. Hide placement will be done by Aleks Woodroffe, who has experience competing successfully at the top levels of AKC and NACSW and is an AKC Scent Work Judge and an NACSW COT. 

The event will be designed to be a fun day of sniffing with your best K9 partner! Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Stay tuned for more information!

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