Online Scent Work Classes

Registration Open

Release Canine Scent Work classes help teach you and your dog about the amazing sport of scent work. In classes, either online or in person, we will work to create clarity and confidence while you both learn to become a strong working team ready to do well in competition.

All classes are listed below. Please select the class you want to register for and choose either to pay online or to pay in person (payment due the first day of class). DETAILS for classes are listed below. Preference is given to continuing students.

All classes have a weekly "live" lecture on Tuesday evenings on Zoom, which is recorded and available for you to watch up to a year after class finishes. There also is a written lecture with written assignments (Online only), sometimes with a video demo or setup help. You will need to upload your videos (to youtube, vimeo, or google drive) and share the video within the forums, guidance on how to do this can be found in the forums. I will regularly be reviewing and commenting on your videos to help you improve! It is up to you how much you participate. Some students sit in on Tuesday evenings and do the assignments at home, others submit several videos per week for feedback. Choose your own adventure!

Fall Session's Online classes:

Introduction to Scent (No previous experience necessary)

Beginning Competition (Novice/NW1/Advanced/NW2)

Competitive Push (NW3/Excellent/Master/Elite/Detective)

Online Classes: 45 participants, cost:

Online: $130 (6 weeks)​

In Person: $145 (6 weeks)

Classes Open September 16th at noon AZ Time, Registration links will be at the bottom of this page.

Fall Classes Start September 26th and go until November 6th.

All students have access to online class materials and discussions

Online only: Unlimited questions and video feedback.

You will be given a lecture and assignments each week.

​Payment is due by the first day of class to reserve your place in class.

Material presented in class builds on the previous week. Missed classes are not credited forward. 

No refunds or make-up classes if you have to miss a week.


Introduction to Scent

This class is for new teams that want to learn about the fun game of scent work. You will have the most success if you know how to motivate your dog (food or toy). No prior obedience training is required. Suitable for dogs of all ages.

Your dog will learn to recognize birch essential oil, communicate its presence to you, and start working simple search areas. Through this class, your dog will learn to hunt independently and confidently. You will learn about scent work competitions and what is expected from your dog to be ready to start competing. We will use a marking system to create clear understanding of how to earn a reward and to create value on odor.

Live online lecture (attendance optional, meeting is recorded): Tuesday evenings at 5:15pm

(No "In-Person" classes)

Beginning Competition

This class is designed for teams that have just started competing or have trained to the level that can start! Dogs should be confidently searching birch (or more) in various different environments and have done container and area searches.

We will be working on reading your dog, building more confident alerts, and learning how to handle your dog and leash. Each week your dog will be working on different skill-building puzzles while we get to work on your own skills in handling and reading your dog.

Live online lecture (attendance optional, meeting is recorded): Tuesday evenings at 6pm

In-Person Classes (Preference is given to continuing students from Spring session):

  • Wednesday 8am FULL

  • Thursday 6pm FULL

Competitive Push

This class is designed for teams that are working with an unknown number of hides and focusing on scent puzzles and handling required to succeed in AKC Master/Detective or NACSW Elite/Summit. 

  • Learn more about reading your dog, clean up your handling, and create independent problem-solving of complex odor problems for your dog.

  • We will review some trial videos (and talk about how to review your own).

  • We also will be talking about mental management, a major component of being successful in competition. How to manage a "NO", keep focused after a difficult search, and prime yourself for setting achievable goals.

  • We will cover blank spaces, falling "finish", and how to read your dog working harder types of hides (elevated!).


Live online lecture (attendance optional, meeting is recorded): Tuesday evenings at 7pm

In-Person Classes (Preference is given to continuing students from Spring session):

  • Wednesday 9:10am - Excellent/Master level - FULL

  • Wednesday 6:00pm - Excellent/Master level - FULL

  • Wednesday 7:10pm - Master/Detective level - FULL

  • Thursday 8:00am - FULL

  • Thursday 9:10am - FULL

  • Thursday 7:10pm - Excellent/Master level - 2 Spots Open (contact Aleks for more info)

Private 1-on-1 Services

1-week of unlimited Private Coaching OR One-hour private online zoom session ($50)

  • Any Topic​

  • Exchanged videos through any platform that works for you (youtube videos, Gdrive, private Facebook group)

  • Build a training plan specialized for YOUR team. 

    • We will create an action list (checklists!) of things you can work on to improve your weaknesses​

    • I will have different setups and exercises that you can do to target these skills

Zoom 1-on-1 room available to discuss or do live feedback (used for the 1-hour option). (contact me to arrange meeting time, the schedule in online booking is not updated with all my schedule)

1-week coaching: You have one week to work on assignments, we will go back and forth throughout the week to target specific skills. We will need a platform to share videos, this can be a facebook group, messenger, youtube playlist & email, or anything else that works for you! Videos are too large to email back and forth, so we will need some sort of platform to share them.

In-Person Private Lessons - ($65 - 1 hour)

  • Please contact me for availability

  • The location could be my home or a nearby park or space