Online Scent Work Classes

Registration OPEN

Release Canine Scent Work classes help teach you and your dog about the amazing sport of scent work. In classes, either online or in person, we will work to create clarity and confidence while you both learn to become a strong working team ready to do well in competition.

All classes are listed below. Please select the class you want to register for and choose either to pay online or to pay in person (payment due the first day of class). DETAILS for classes are listed below. Preference is given to continuing students.

Odor Theory: Hide Placement for Success class starts on August 2nd and goes until September 19th, 2021. Classes will are online and are held in the Release Canine Forums. A live lecture will be held on Tuesday evenings (see below for time). The live lecture is recorded and will be accessible through the forums at any time for students in that class. 

Online students will be able to post videos in the forums for my review and feedback. Videos need to be uploaded to an external source (like unlisted Youtube or Vimeo), guidance on how to do this can be found in the forums. Video is not a requirement to take this class, just allows for feedback.

Online: Maximum 50 people, cost: $130 (6 weeks)

  • Students have access to online class materials (written lecture & assignments) and discussions

  • Unlimited questions and video feedback.

  • Live lecture on Tuesday night that goes over the week's material, chance to ask questions, and troubleshoot issues. We also will be doing some virtual demos during the live lecture. ** THIS lecture is recorded and will be available to all students to watch afterward**

  • Material presented in class builds on the previous week. 

  • No refunds or make-up classes if you have to miss a class.

Payment is due by the first day of class (payment can be done online with paypal or via Zelle (phone number only) or another arrangement, contact me to arrange payment not through Paypal).


Can't Reach! - Inaccessible & Elevated Hides

Who: This class is suitable for humans of any skill level, however, teams that have started competing will likely get more out of this class than brand new teams. The exercises can be set at various difficulty levels, allowing any level of scent work team to be able to use the information and excel within their training. 

What you can expect: This class is focused on building handler knowledge about the environment around you and how it affects the airflow and way odor moves. We will be talking about corners, thresholds, heat/cold, air pressure, natural and artificial sources of airflow, concentration of odor, aging times, and so much more!

When: Online Live Lecture Tuesday at 6:00 pm (Arizona Time)

Lectures posted: August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30rd, September 6th, and 13th.

Classes started on Monday, August 2nd (live lecture on the 3rd)! 

Private 1-on-1 Services

  • 1-week of unlimited Private Coaching ($65)

    • Any Topic​

    • Exchanged videos through any platform that works for you (youtube videos, Gdrive, private Facebook group)

    • Zoom 1-on-1 room available to discuss or do live feedback.

    • Build a training plan specialized for YOUR team. 

      • We will create an action list (check lists!) of things you can work on to improve weaknesses​

      • I will have different setups and exercises that you can do to target these skills

      • You have a full week to implement some of the assignments, where we can reassess after the week and you can move on in a positive direction or continue for an additional week ($50) 

  • Trial Videos - Video review ($30 - 1 hour usually)

    • Videos from any trial​ (can be combined with training videos)

    • We will go frame by frame to identify areas to improve for your dog or for you!

    • Identify areas for improvement in handling, skills training, and confidence or motivation issues.

    • Zoom 1-on-1 room used.

    • Contact me to schedule a good time for this zoom meeting.

  • Private Lessons - ($65 - 1 hour)

    • Please contact me for availability​

    • ** Private lessons are unavailable until September