Online Scent Work Classes

Registration Open Until January 13th, 2021

All classes are listed below. Please select the class you want to register for and either pay online or contact me to arrange payment. DETAILS for classes are listed below.

Winter 2021 Class starts the week of January 11th and goes to the week of January 25th. All online classes will be held in the Release Canine Forums. Live Lecture will be held on Tuesday evenings (see below for time). The live lecture is recorded and will be accessible through the forums at any time for students in that class.

Online students will be able to post a video in the forums for my review. Videos do need to be uploaded to an external source (like unlisted Youtube), guidance on how to do this can be found in the forums.


Scent Work Pressure


All levels of competition! Minimum: Dogs that are confidently able to find Birch odor, and able to search in at least 2 environments. Has been searching interior/exterior/containers independently.

This class will focus on handling and take advantage of the objective eye of a camera, so it is perfect for anyone who is competing or soon will be competing. The class will have multiple levels of difficulty that you can choose to complete at the level you are currently working. Suitable for Novice as well as those working Master/Elite levels.

What you can expect:

Using various types of scent work puzzles, we will be looking at and working on how your pressure or lack of pressure can affect your dog's search. The use of video is highly recommended and can be a huge asset to look back at your actions and how they affect your dog. We will be working on containers as well as area searches. We will also be working vehicles for those who are doing non-AKC venues.


Online Live Lecture Tuesday at 6-6:45 pm


Private 1-on-1 Services

  • 1-week of unlimited Private Coaching ($50)

    • Any Topic​

    • Through small assignments/setups, we will work through any training problem you might be having.

    • Exchanged video through any platform that works for you

    • Zoom 1-on-1 room if needed to discuss or do live feedback.

  • Trial Videos - Video review ($25 - 1 hour usually)

    • 2 videos from any trial​

    • We will go frame by frame to identify areas to improve for your dog or for you!

    • Develop a training plan to address these issues

    • Zoom 1-on-1 room used.

  • Private Lessons - ($65 - 1 hour)

    • Please contact me for availability​

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