Online Scent Work Classes

Registration Opens July 20th

All classes are listed below. Please select the class you want to register for and either pay online or contact me to arrange payment via check. DETAILS for classes are listed below.

Classes start the week of July 27th and go through September 6th, 2020. All classes are online and will be held in the Release Canine Forums. An email will be sent to you with more information after registering for classes.

Successful hide placement at home (6 week class - $130)

This 6-week class will focus on learning how air moves, how it affects odor, how odor moves within a space, and how to use all this information to place hides to target the skills you want to work on! Each week you will learn a different important element about odor theory and how to apply it. You will have an assignment to video to set and let your dog run. Your dog will thank you for it! :)

  • Upwind & Downwind - learn to get your bearings and use air direction as an advantage

  • Rising or sinking - learn how these tricky elements cause hides to sometimes be impossible

  • Obstructions - learn how different objects can change the direction and way air moves (corners!!!)

  • Whispy or concentrated - learn how different types of concentrations and environmental elements can affect a hide

  • Aging, pooling, and contamination - learn how tendrils of odor can be left without a source

  • Putting things together - How to make things more complex and changing elements to change a hide.

Recommended equipment: You will most likely want to invest in a device to help you see air flow. You can do this more simply by using climbing/gymnastics loose chalk, or you can invest in a small device that does the work for you. I like the Cirrus the best (easy, inexpensive, re-chargable, and doesn't make a big mess), but there are others on the market as well (smoke pen, Wizard stick). Not required, but makes it easier for you. We will talk about some other methods to view air flow in the class.



Private 1-on-1 Services

  • 1-week of unlimited Private Coaching ($50)

    • Any Topic​

    • Through small assignments/setups we will work through any training problem you might be having.

    • Exchanged video through any platform that works for you

    • Zoom 1-on-1 room if needed to discuss or do live feedback.

  • Trial Videos - Video review ($25 - 1 hour usually)

    • 2 videos from any trial​

    • We will go frame by frame to identify areas to improve for your dog or for you!

    • Develop a training plan to address these issues

    • Zoom 1-on-1 room used.


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