Online Scent Work Classes

Registration Opens November 1st

All classes are listed below. Please select the class you want to register for and either pay online or contact me to arrange payment via check. DETAILS for classes are listed below.

FALL/WINTER 2020 classes will be posted by October 26th.

These classes will start the week of November 10th.

Fall 2020 Classes start the week of September 21st and go through November 10th, 2020. All online classes will be held in the Release Canine Forums, students in person and online have access to the online forums. All classes will have access to their level of Live Lecture that will be held on Tuesday evenings (see below for time). The live lecture is recorded and will be accessible through the forums at any time for students in that class.

Only online students will be able to post a video in the forums for review, they also will have the option to sign up for a drop-in slot ($5 for a 15-minute slot) if they would like to have some in-person help. All drop-in sessions will be held at my place in Scottsdale and the schedule will be posted weekly.

Class registration is for one dog, especially for in-person classes. If you have more than one dog and would like to have a class for both, you can either alternate your dogs with the exercises OR if class does not fill, we can discuss a 2nd dog in class. 

Classes held on: 

Tuesday & Wednesday - 6 consecutive weeks starting on September 22/23

Thursday AM Classes: 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/22, 10/29, 11/5

Thursday PM Classes: 9/2410/110/810/29, 11/5  (EXCEPT FOR INTRO, see below for intro dates)


Introduction to Odor

Introducing scent, teaching them to search with confidence and good motivation.

  • Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm

  • Dates: (9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/29, 11/5, 11/12)

  • Classes will be held in Scottsdale at personal residence Greenway & 56th St. (address will be sent once you sign up)

  • Limited to 4 people in person, an unlimited number of people online.

  • You will need to plan ahead and purchase an odor kit. I will have a small number of odor kits available to purchase the first week of class.

  • TUESDAY EVENINGS at 5 pm - LIVE Lecture via ZOOM. This will be recorded and available for you to view at a later time, attendance to live lecture is not required. Live lecture is a great chance to ask questions.

Other classes:

Solid Foundation


Dogs that are confidently able to find Birch odor, and able to search in at least 2 environments. Has been searching interior/exterior/containers independently. Good for dogs that have been through my introduction to odor class or for those who need to build more independence and clear communication of locating odor. Also good for dogs that know basics about odor but aren't confident away from home.

What you can expect:

Building confidence and drive to find single odor hides.

Introduce "find another" with multiple hides.

Working with Containers and Buried hides.

Foundation of leash handling and reinforcing dog independent searching.


Online Live Lecture Tuesday at 6-6:30 pm

In-person classes (limited to 4 per class):

Wednesday 8:00 am @ Scottsdale (FULL)

Skills & Drills


Dog has done searches with more than one hide, ready to be introduced to other odors if they haven't already. Dog working at advanced or excellent level (NW1/2/3) level, not necessarily have competed yet. 

What you can expect:

Appropriate for all levels of dogs that have a solid foundation.

Skills you will be working on include: "Find another", converging odor, various elevations of odor, containers and buried, vehicles, working with handler pressure, and various types of inaccessible hides.

We will be also working on proofing against "dumb handler".


Online Live Lecture Tuesday at 6:30-7:00 pm

In-person classes (limited to 4 per class):

Tuesday 9:10 am @ Laveen (2 spots left)

Wednesday 9:10 am @ Scottsdale (FULL)

Wednesday 6:00 pm @ Scottsdale (FULL)

Thursday 8:00 am @ Scottsdale (week 4 material will be done on 11/5) (FULL)

Building a Better Team


Dog has competed and is starting to move up in levels. Familiar with both sand and water buried hides. Happily searches for odor in a variety of spaces independently. Knows Birch, Anise, Clove.

What you can expect:

Exercises in class will use many of the same setups as "skills and drills" class, but also focus on creating a TEAM between you and your dog.

We will be addressing how to optimize your trial experience and become a better handler and teammate.


Online Live Lecture Tuesday at 7:00-7:30 pm

In-person classes (limited to 4 per class):

Wednesday 10:15 am @ Scottsdale  (FULL)

Wednesday 2:10 pm @ Scottsdale  (FULL)

Thursday 9:10 am @ Scottsdale (10/15 may be canceled, if it is, week 4 material will be done on 11/5) (FULL)

Thursday 7:10 pm @ Scottsdale (FULL)

- (10/15 may be canceled, if it is, week 4 material will be done on 11/5), No Class on 10/22

Skills for Unknowns


Dog is or will be competing at Master/NW3 level within a trial or two.

What you can expect:

Exercises in class will use many of the same setups as "skills and drills" class but at an increased level of difficulty.

I will work with you to build on your teamwork with your dog, creating trust on both ends of the leash.

We will also be working on blind searches, blank searches, and building confidence in yourself on when to call "finish".


Online Live Lecture Tuesday at 7:30 pm

In-person classes (limited to 4 per class):

Tuesday 8:00 am @ Laveen (FULL)

Wednesday 7:10 pm @ Scottsdale (FULL)

Thursday 10:15 am @ Scottsdale (week 4 material will be done on 11/5) (FULL)


Private 1-on-1 Services

  • 1-week of unlimited Private Coaching ($50)

    • Any Topic​

    • Through small assignments/setups, we will work through any training problem you might be having.

    • Exchanged video through any platform that works for you

    • Zoom 1-on-1 room if needed to discuss or do live feedback.

  • Trial Videos - Video review ($25 - 1 hour usually)

    • 2 videos from any trial​

    • We will go frame by frame to identify areas to improve for your dog or for you!

    • Develop a training plan to address these issues

    • Zoom 1-on-1 room used.

  • Private Lessons - ($65 - 1 hour)

    • Please contact me for availability​

IN-Person Class Protocols to reduce COVID transmission risk 

  • Limited to 4 students per class.

  • All people must wear a mask anytime they are outside of their vehicle.

  • Remain a minimum of 6 feet from others in the class. Even if you interact with these people outside of class.

  • Please do not touch anything or anyone else's dog. 

  • The class will have much less discussion, more time on individual search time. This is why you will have access to the live lecture (Tuesday evenings) and posted a written lecture (Monday mornings).

I have decided on these guidelines to minimize risk of transmission of COVID for myself and all in-person students. If you are unable to do your part in this, I will ask for you to leave class. Please be prepared for these guidelines if you choose to sign up for in-person class.

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