Online Scent Work Classes

Registration OPEN

Release Canine Scent Work classes help teach you and your dog about the amazing sport of scent work. In classes, either online or in person, we will work to create clarity and confidence while you both learn to become a strong working team ready to do well in competition.

All classes are listed below. Please select the class you want to register for and choose either to pay online or to pay in person (payment due the first day of class). DETAILS for classes are listed below. Preference is given to continuing students.

Winter 2022 classes start the week of January 10th and go to February 21st.

Only Introduction to Scent Work will be offered online.

Online students will be able to post videos in the forums for my review and feedback. Videos do need to be uploaded to an external source (like unlisted Youtube), guidance on how to do this can be found in the forums.

Note for in person classes: non-vaccinated students must be masked anytime they are away from their vehicle

In-person: Maximum 5 people, cost: $145* (6 weeks)

  • Preference given to continuing students

  • Students also have access to Tuesday evening (recorded) trial video review (NEW!)

  • No refunds or make-up classes if you have to miss a class

  • If you have more than one dog and would like to have a class for both, you can either alternate your dogs with the exercises OR if the class does not fill, we can discuss the 2nd dog in class. 

Online Classes: Unlimited number of people, cost: $130 (6 weeks)​

·        Students have access to online class materials and discussions

·        Unlimited questions and video feedback. You will be given a lecture and assignments each week.

·        No refunds or make-up classes if you have to miss a class.

Payment is due by the first day of class and reserves your place in class. Material presented in class builds on the previous week. Missed classes are not credited forward. If a class has to be canceled due to environmental conditions or emergencies, a make-up class will be available.


Introduction to Scent Work - ONLINE ONLY

This class is for new teams that want to learn about the fun game of scent work. You will have the most success if you know how to motivate your dog (food or toy). No prior obedience training is required. Suitable for dogs of all ages.

What to expect: Your dog will learn to recognize birch essential oil, communicate its presence to you, and start working simple search areas. Through this class, your dog will learn to hunt independently and confidently. You will learn about scent work competitions and what is expected from your dog to be ready to start competing.

Class details: 

OFFICE HOURS: All students have access to "Office Hours" on Tuesday at 6-7pm. These hours are virtual and done through a zoom call. You can ask to have video reviewed, ask questions, or just listen in. They will be recorded. 

LECTURES: You will have a written lecture with video assignment examples each week. These lectures are detailed and written for you to understand not just what to do, but why we are doing it.

FORUMS: All students have access to an online forum (on this website) where you can post your video links (uploaded to youtube, vimeo, or a google drive) and have your work reviewed. The forums are just for the class and you can use them as much as you'd like! The video review is an amazing way to learn since it can help you understand smaller details and moments than you would otherwise see. It also helps me catch issues as you go along to make sure we are tailoring the course for YOUR dog. Not all teams are the same! You have ability to post in the forums up until the end of week 6, after that you won't get any feedback, but you do have access to them for a full year to go back and reference.

Want to enter?! Scroll down and select the class :) Looking forward to having you part of the class!

Online only - Trial Video Review (6 weeks)

This session I've decided to do Video reviews on Tuesday evenings. This is an opportunity for anyone to submit and request that their video is reviewed. We will look at handling, dog's changes of behavior, false alerts (and maybe why they happened), search area analysis, etc. If there aren't enough student videos, I have my own trial videos I'm happy to share and pick apart!

Time: Tuesdays 7pm-8pm (AZ time) - Zoom link will be sent to all students.

Who: All in-person students have access to this live video (recorded) session. The recording will be posted for you to go back to and watch again/later if you wanted to. I'll have a summary of what each video was and what we chatted about for each link.

Who: Anyone else who wants to join! Cost is $50 for the 6 weeks of video review online sessions. Anyone who signs up (and is not in-person student) can submit up to 3 videos for review over the 6 week session. I anticipate being able to do 3-5 videos a week.

Want to sign up? Scroll down and select the class. 

Class descriptions:

Novice Scent - For dogs that have started with odor, done some simple searches, but still are building the experience needed to be able to successfully enter their first competition. New handlers or experienced, for dogs that need repetition and experience to discover the joy of the sport. You can expect: New hide placements, drills to build experience and clarity of what's expected when you ask "search!", and focus on maintaining joy and drive to search. Each class builds on their knowledge to help create a well-rounded foundation to use for years to come.

Beginning Competition - If you've started competing or have trained to the level that you can, this class is for you! Dogs should be confidently searching birch (or more!) in various different environments and have done container and area searches. You can expect: We will be working on reading your dog, building more confident alerts, and learning how to handle. Each week your dog will be working on different skill-building puzzles while we get to work on your own skills in handling and reading your dog. 

Skills for Successful Competition - If you and your dog have been competing and you're starting to move up in levels. It's time to work on building your teamwork and building confidence in calling finish and reading blank rooms. Good for teams that are moving into Excellent (or training that level) or already at this level (and thinking about what's next). You can expect: Working on creating confident alerts, clear handling, and proofing past "dumb handler". Your dog will continue to gain experience in various different scent puzzles, while you learn how to use your pressure and leash handling to your advantage. We will be talking about reading your dog and understanding what they are doing during the search.

Upper-Level Competition - For dogs that have been competing at the Master level for at least 1 year. Preparation and maintenance for Master-level searches, NW3, Elite, and Detective level. You can expect: Working on higher-level puzzles, fine-tuning the team to improve handling, skills, drive, or wherever else the team might be weak. We will be working on blank spaces, how to know when to call finish, and creating teamwork that allows both ends of the leash to trust each other through complicated searches.

In Person Schedule:

Tuesday (held in Laveen, AZ)

8am - Upper Level Competition - 1 spot open

9:10am - Novice Scent - 2 spots open

Wednesday (held in Scottsdale, AZ - near Kierland)

8am - Beginning Competition - Full

9:10am - Skills for Successful Competition - Full

10:20am - Novice Scent - Full

12:00pm - Skills for Successful Competition - Full

6:00pm- Skills for Successful Competition - 1 spot open

7:10pm - Upper Level Competition - Full


8am - Upper Level Competition - Full

9:10am - Skills for Successful Competition - Full

6:00pm- Beginning Competition(+) - Full

7:10pm - Skills for Successful Competition - 2 spots open

If you would like to join any of the open classes, please contact me. They will be filled based on the suitability of the class for the team. I don't currently have any lower-level classes open for new students.


  • All unvaccinated persons must wear a mask anytime they are outside of their vehicle.

  • Remain a minimum of 6 feet from others in the class. Even if you interact with these people outside of class.

  • Please do not touch anything or anyone else's dog. 

I have decided on these guidelines to minimize risk of transmission of COVID for myself and all in-person students. If you are unable to do your part in this, I will ask for you to leave class. Please be prepared for these guidelines if you choose to sign up for in-person class.

Private 1-on-1 Services

  • 1-week of unlimited Private Coaching OR One-hour private online zoom session ($50)

    • Any Topic​

    • Exchanged videos through any platform that works for you (youtube videos, Gdrive, private Facebook group)

    • Zoom 1-on-1 room available to discuss or do live feedback (used for the 1 hour option). (contact me to arrange meeting time, schedule in booking is not updated with all my schedule)

    • Build a training plan specialized for YOUR team. 

      • We will create an action list (checklists!) of things you can work on to improve weaknesses​

      • I will have different setups and exercises that you can do to target these skills

    • 1 week coaching: You have one week to work on assignments, we will go back and forth throughout the week to target specific skills. 

  • Private Lessons - ($65 - 1 hour)

    • Please contact me for availability