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Sniffing Camp!
April 29th - May 1st, 2022  -  30 min from Las Vegas, NV


Arrive: Friday, April 29th, 2022 between 1pm and 3pm

               Registration, waivers, and pick up your goodie bags!

Leave: Sunday, May 1st, 2022 at 4:00pm


ADD ON Sunday Night/Monday Morning – an evening with games and Monday morning session


Camp will be held at Potosi Pines United Methodist Camp

Located 36 minutes west of the Las Vegas Airport, on Potosi mountain. The terrain can be hilly and uneven, and temperatures can be expected to be around 10 degrees cooler. This beautiful camp provides many fun locations to search and learn!

For more information check out:

10910 Mount Potosi Canyon Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89161, United States


Your instructors share a unified belief that not all sniffing teams are the same and that there is more than one way to teach and learn detection sports. They all excel in their own ways and bring to camp their excellent observational skills to help each team move from awareness to excellence.

Judith Guthrie

Judith is a detection dog handler & trainer, also a certified nose work instructor, judge, and successful competitor. She is located in Nevada, but often travels throughout the west to judge.

Micheal McManus

Micheal is certified in Applied Animal Ethology and is a CNWI. He has been working with dogs for 13 years, focusing on nose work as well as Treibball and Herding. He is a NACSW Certifying Official.

Aleks Woodroffe

Aleks is a nose work instructor in Phoenix, AZ as well as an AKC scent work judge and successful competitor. She also is a certified canine bodyworker and helps many teams maintain fitness or return from injury.

Linda Bramkamp

Competes in NACSW since it's inception and has been successful in all levels of competition. 

Her knowledge will be a large asset to the camp!

Kristina Leipzig

Owns Doglandia Training LLC and training people and their pets since 2002. Trains and competes in various dog sports and service dog training. 

Started Nosework in 2009 and is on the trial staff, helps train score room, instructor and CO.


Possibly another instructor will be added if camp numbers warrant it :)

Camp Details:

Camp Numbers

Groups working in each session are limited to a maximum of 8 and will be separated by the dog’s experience level. All levels of teams are welcome! We just ask that they have already been introduced to target essential oil odors (Birch, Anise, Clove).

A maximum of 50 campers.


All meals and snacks will be provided while on site. We are working with the staff at the camp to provide healthy and enjoyable meals. Please indicate on your registration if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences. If you have any specific dietary requirements, you may want to plan ahead, but we will do our best to accommodate.


Lodging is available onsite through shared cabins or dry camping. Cabins will be limited occupancy have dividers between bunks and plenty of room to set up your own area. If you have a group you would like to lodge with, please include their names with your registration. The cost to stay on site is $100 for the weekend. We will be spreading out campers as "thinly" as possible through the lodgings.

You can also stay in nearby Las Vegas, but you still have all meals provided at camp.

Camp does continue with games for one final night/morning (Sunday-Monday) and the cost is $75. This includes your dinner & breakfast, as well as games in the evening and a coached run-through (or similar) in the morning before you depart. This cost is the same if you are staying off-site but would like to still participate (Meals included).

Campers are expected to bring their own linens. This includes sheets, pillow, towel(s), blankets.

Camping - There are a limited number of dry camping spots available. Cost is $100 for the weekend (Friday-Sunday) and you have access to the restroom/showers and all the same meals. There is a smaller number of hookups available. 

  • CAMP (Friday through Sunday) - $800 (Early Bird: $750 until March 1st)

    • Lodging on-site (Cabins or limited dry hookups) $100

  • Additional Sunday night/Monday day - $75


Registration opens on February 21st at 9 am PST (8 am AZ/Mountain time).

A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due within 3 days of registration.

Full payment is due by April 1st, 2022.

Fine Print
  1. Additional dog working. Campers can bring a 2nd dog for an additional fee ($500) for both dogs to be working. If you plan on bringing an additional dog, both dogs must be able to be quiet and happy on their own while you are working with the other. You will not be able to focus on the 2nd dog while working. If this might be a problem, consider only working one dog. It is your responsibility to be on time and no extra time will be given if you need to take care of the additional dog(s). 

  2. Additional dogs - not working. Case by case situation. Contact Aleks if you would like to discuss. Non-working dogs must be content on their own and will not bother/affect other campers. If any issues arise from additional dogs, you will be asked to leave.

  3. The facility is non-smoking (cigarette and e-cig), however, a small area will be set aside. Any nicotine activities are limited to this space.

  4. Dogs are worked one at a time and any dogs not working must be able to be quietly waiting their turn either in a crate, vehicle (if nearby), or out of sight. Please plan on bringing a crate for your dog when not working.

  5. Females in season are permitted to attend but must wear panties anytime not actively being asked to potty. They will run at the end of each session. Please notify camp hosts prior to arriving if your dog is in season.

  6. Dogs must be healthy and free of contagious illnesses.

  7. Dogs should be able to be in the presence of other dogs and humans. We can accommodate some distance between teams, but due to the camp environment, highly reactive or aggressive dogs will not be comfortable.

    • Dogs that threaten other dogs or humans or are considered to be a perceived danger at camp to themselves or others will be asked to leave. No refunds will be offered if this is the case.

  8. Dogs should remain on leash unless otherwise noted.

  9. Lodging will be assigned to spread out as much as possible. Campers that know each other and indicate in their registration to be bunked together will be. There is a limited number that will be assigned to each bunkhouse.

  10. We would like to minimize the risk of COVID at all possible. All campers will be subject to a COVID test upon arrival.

    • We will be making final decisions regarding masking policy closer to the date of the camp. It is possible that interior searches and sessions may require masking, please plan accordingly.

    • Campers with a positive COVID test within 10 days of the camp will not be able to attend and will be asked to leave.

    • Campers that are positive for COVID within 10 days of the camp or are still symptomatic (coughing/sniffing/etc) will receive a refund minus their non-refundable deposit. (Positive test required).

    • All campers will test for COVID and temperature taken upon arrival. If testing positive, that camper will be asked to leave. Refund of fees minus the non-refundable deposit.

  11. Video – You may video your own dog running, but please do not video any general instruction or class. You may share small pieces of video (no longer than 1 minute) on social media, but full video cannot be posted on YouTube, social media, or other sharing platforms. Your video is for your own reference only.

  12. By attending camp, you are agreeing to have your photograph taken or video taken of you and your dog working. These images can be used to promote the camp, its events or instructors. If you do not consent to your likeness being used, please indicate so on your registration form.

  13. Cancellation policy:

    • Cancellations within 7 days of registration (before April 1st) – Full refund of deposit and camp fees.

    • Cancellations after 7 days of registration (before April 1st) – refund of camp fees minus the non-refundable deposit.

    • Cancellation after April 1st, 2022 – Refund of 50% of your camp fees only

    • No refunds of camp fees after April 15th (unless due to COVID, see #10)

  • No part of the camp fee will be refunded if the camp cannot take place or be completed by reason of fire, civil disturbances, an Act of God, public emergency, or any other cause beyond the control of the camp organizers.

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