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Looking forward to working with you! Before your appointment/online session, please fill out the following form. 

Extra instructions for Online Fitness Clients
Please submit (email by clicking here or you can send via Facebook messenger) the following:

  1. Photo: from the side, showing full-body standing

  2. Photo: from behind, standing position

  3. Photo: from the front, standing position

  4. Photo: sitting position

  5. Video: Walking & trotting from left to right

  6. Video: Dog being asked to sit and then stand.

#1-4 can be done within a video instead of individual photographs.

Photos and video is best when at a lower level - eye level to the dog. The dog should be standing naturally on flat ground, but not purposely manipulated into a stacked position. The head should be looking forward. Using a platform for the dog to stand on can help with this!

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