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Finding time to train during Stay at Home

Stay at Home orders have been issued for almost all the states. It seems crazy, like an apocalyptic movie, something I struggle with really understanding. I don't think I'm alone in this either - especially if you're staying at home. Stay at home means you're not leaving, so knowing that the world has changed takes you leaving your home to know - so it feels a little surreal.

When "Stay at Home" initially was issued, I thought "Wow! I'll be home and I'll have tons of time to train and get things done!" This seemed like an opportunity to get our skills together for agility, improve a few holes in our scent work, and get overall better at our "dog" skills.

In reality, I feel like I barely have time. Or more realistically, I barely have space mentally for it.

I'm a pretty adaptable person, I go with the flow and can make any current situation work. So, I'm adapting. But there is a cost, and I think this cost is bigger for some than others. The cost is the impact of long term low-level stress (or higher level for some). Stress kills us, literally. This time is putting a really odd a new form of stress on all of us.

I sit at home, watching too much Netflix, looking at too much social media, and eating way too much chocolate. I'm thankful to be able to continue my scent work classes online and get to continue to teach and celebrate my student's successes. I AM busy writing new lectures, filming new videos to help them along, and working hard to catch up on computer stuff that has been put aside. But I'm still not training my dog like I wanted to, I'm coping.

I think part of my coping strategy needs to expand. I will train my dog. I will enjoy the Joy it brings me and look forward to our successes.

Here are my goals for the next X number of weeks I stay at home. My goals are focused on results, but also to enjoy the journey. With so many trials canceled, it's been hard to go back and write the blog posts I have half-penned. So instead I'm going to look forward, a long way forward. My goals aren't going to depend on trials being held (too may are tentative right now) or titles to be achieved. They are going to focus on skills I can develop!

I will make a little time each day - right after breakfast. Those 15 minutes are mine and Tana's. I hope to have more time through the days, but at least I can make those 15 minutes count.

I will write down what I train. It'll go in my Bullet Journal or on my whiteboard (I'll share those if anyone wants to see my plans).

I will be generous... with myself. If the training isn't going well, I give myself permission to make it something much easier. After all, what's the rush!

And best of all, I will laugh. I will laugh at Tana's antics and I will laugh with her for our successes.

What are your plans? What are your goals? How are you going to motivate to train your dog between zoom calls and dinner plans and children/dog management?

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