Judith Guthrie Seminar!

Judith Guthrie is coming back out to Arizona for a fun and learning packed seminar in May, 2021!  The seminar will be in Glendale, AZ.

In combination with the seminar, we will be hosting a Snifferoo on Sunday, May 16th. Click HERE for more information!

Judith is a detection dog handler and trainer. She is a certified nose work instructor, a judge in multiple nose work venues, as well as a successful competitor. Her training philosophy involves looking at any training problem from multiple angles and addressing the specific needs of the team to best equip them with the skills needed to succeed.

Currently, she runs Nose Dogs Detection Services a police and detection dog training facility. Through Nose Dogs Judith offers trained & prospective police and detection dogs for sale, detection dog handling courses, workshops, certifications, personal protection dogs, companion dogs (trained, untrained, and/or titled), and a list of detection services for private individuals and businesses. When possible she also works with a variety of rescues.

Working Spots ($125):

There is a maximum of 4 working spots in each session. These small numbers allow you the maximum amount of personal time as possible while still being able to cover a wide range of materials. The sessions are:

  1. 8 am - Detective Coached Run Through (FULL)

  2. 10:15 am - Master Interior Coached Run Through (1 spot remaining)

    • Will be working on space & time management, being able to call "finish", working on master level hides. You have a choice of coaching while you run, or after you run. This is a great opportunity to have someone who judges 100s of teams and has a vast knowledge give you personalized feedback to help you become stronger! Geared towards teams moving into Master level, or already competing at this level (or NW3!!).

  3. 1 pm - NW1 & Novice & Advanced  "Reading Your Dog At Source" (FULL)

    • This session will use simpler set ups to help you understand more what your dog is doing while they are working, how best to respond to their decisions while working, and become more confident in calling "ALERT" at a trial!

  4. 3:30 pm - NW2/3 & Excellent level "Independent Searching & Confidence" (FULL)

    • This session will help you and your dog build a more independent search, where your dog is confidently seeking odor and working a space without you needing to help. Dogs that have done this work with Judith in the past have gone on to excel in their searches! This session will build your dog's confidence in nose work, and as a result, yours as well!

Teams working in the morning can audit in person the other morning session. Those working in the afternoon can audit in person the other afternoon session. ** It will be warm! There will be limited crating available onsite inside (for the current session of dogs), please plan ahead if you do plan to audit the other session. 

To register for the seminar, please contact me directly (releasecanine@gmail.com)

Auditing Spots ($30): 


There is a maximum of 100 auditing spots ("unlimited"). You will receive a link to the day's seminar that will be a live feed throughout the day. You can log in and out throughout the day. The video will be stopped at the end of each session to more easily capture the recording.​

You will have access to the recordings for 3 months. links to each of these recordings will be sent after the seminar is completed.

You will be able to ask questions in the live feed, which will be relayed to Judith at the end of the working spot. We can't guarantee we will get to every question, but we can try! Hopefully, this keeps it interactive for those auditing from home or work, I won't judge! ;) 


Private Lessons - $200 - May 14th - N. Scottsdale area

A small number of private lesson time slots are available. Please contact me directly for more information.