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Judith Guthrie Seminar!

Judith Guthrie is coming On January 30th!!

AM session: Upper-level teams (NW3/elite)

PM Session: Lower-level teams (NW1/2)

Although the level is listed by NACSW, the skills being taught are applicable for any scent work sport. 

Judith is a detection dog handler and trainer. She is a certified nose work instructor, a judge in multiple nose work venues, as well as a successful competitor. Her training philosophy involves looking at any training problem from multiple angles and addressing the specific needs of the team to best equip them with the skills needed to succeed.

Currently, she runs Nose Dogs Detection Services a police and detection dog training facility. Through Nose Dogs Judith offers trained & prospective police and detection dogs for sale, detection dog handling courses, workshops, certifications, personal protection dogs, companion dogs (trained, untrained, and/or titled), and a list of detection services for private individuals and businesses. When possible she also works with a variety of rescues.

What you can expect:

Seminars with Judith focus on the needs of the dog/handler team that she is working with. Judith's special power is to build trust & drive within a working team, while still building on different skill strengths. Her positive and creative mindset can help a team growth and excell at any level of competition. You will leave with a list of things you are excited to work and a smile on your face!

Date: January 30, 2022

Location: Heart Pueblo Scout Camp

Cost: $100 for working team; $40 for auditors.

Limit 7 working teams for AM and 7 for PM. Limited auditor spots.

Sign Up for Seminar

Thank you for signing up for the seminar! I will send a confirmation email within the next 24 hours.

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