Sniff N' Go

In coordination with distributing the CATO boards, I am willing to put together a doing a drop-in style-COVID-conscious-Sniff-n-Go on June 13 & 14 only. I will be setting 3 different search areas and teams will have 10 minutes to work the hides.


Those who have signed up will be invited into a Facebook group that will have instructions, hide locations, and a little extra info about the searches. I may be available to be your "judge", depending on other people picking up their CATO boards. To be your Judge, I require that all parties wear a mask.

Priority will be given to current students & those who purchased CATO boards. I will open up the time spots for RC regular students after that. Cost is $5 a 10-minute time slot. It can be just you, or you may share it with one other person.


  1. You have booked a time slot. Please hang out in your vehicle until your allotted time.

  2. I ask that we keep to the CDC social distancing requirements (no closer than 6') and recommend wearing a mask. ** many trials for the near future will likely be requiring masks, this is a great opportunity to train a trial like setting with a mask. **'

  3. Dogs must be pottied along the west side of the property or at the "potty bush", before or immediately after the gate. If your dog potties ANYWHERE else, you must let me know so I can clean up and mark the area for future teams.

Although I'd love for a social gathering, I do worry about how many of our amazing scent work community are at risk for COVID. I will be regularly sanitizing and making an effort to limit exposure between each team.

Saturday AM between 6 am and 9 am (15-minute intervals)

Saturday PM between 7 pm and 8:30 pm (15-minute intervals)

Sunday AM between 6 am and 9 am (15-minute intervals)

To book: 

  • "BOOK NOW"

  • Tab to "Sniff n GO"

  • "Request to book"  ** you may need to sign in to your RC account. This is the same as your forum login.

  • Select the date (13th or 14th only!)

  • Select your time slot

  • "NEXT" 

  • Fill out the information

  • "Request to Book"

  • Bring $5 with you, or paypal the $5 directly ("friends & Family" or "trusted")

Aleks Woodroffe -

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