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Judith Guthrie Seminar

January 16 & 17, 2020  -  Laveen, AZ

Judith has been involved in the training of detection and patrol dogs for police, government, and private agencies throughout the United States including training detection canines for narcotics, explosives, bed bugs, and human remains.

She has multiple titles in Agility, Obedience, Rally, and K9 Nose Work. Her current competition dog, a mixed breed rescue she hand raised from 3 days old, is a national level competitor in K9 Nose Work Dog with his Elite 2 title in the NACSW organization. Professionally she handles several bed bug detection canines, a narcotics detection canine, and an explosives dog.

Judith is a Nose work judge in many different venues and has been out a few times to judge AKC Scent Work competitions in the Arizona area over the past year.

Thursday - The workshop on Thursday afternoon (1 pm to 4:30 pm) will be designed to cover some common puzzles seen at the AKC detective (also NACSW elite) level. This workshop, although only open to 4 working spots, will be incredibly useful for anyone who would like to compete at the Master Scent work level or higher. After working all the puzzles, the working teams will be run through a blind detective search. Auditors can watch and observe how each team will approach these challenges. Lots of tips and tricks to be had! All working spots filled. 

Friday - Friday's workshops will be focused on creating stronger working teams. It will be split between AM and PM. Both sessions are good on their own, but also complement each other for teams that would like to work all day or auditors that would like to keep learning all day long! Working spots all filled.


AM Session - 8am to 12pm - "Building Strength For Source" - Working with known hide locations, Judith will work with each team to create stronger odor obedience. Ideal for dogs that do "drive-by" or struggle with staying at the source. Building and playing with drive and motivation!

LUNCH (Potluck)

PM Session - 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm - 'Reading Your Dog With Confidence" With Unknown hide locations, students will improve their ability to read their dog under the guidance of Judith. This session can help any team improve and build confidence in their performance. 

This event will be held rain or shine. No registration fee will be refunded if the event cannot be held by reason of riots, civil disturbances, fire, an act of God, public emergency, act of a public enemy, or any other cause beyond the control of Release Canine. Registration fees are non-refundable unless the spot is resold. Your spot will be secured upon payment, which is due within 7 days of notification you have a working spot.

Seminar Registration

Limited number of working spots (6 in AM and 6 in PM on Friday) (FULL). An unlimited number of auditing spots through the weekend.

We will be doing a potluck lunch on Friday! Great opportunity to hang out and talk about all the things you learned about :)


Full Working Spots: $125 (1/2 day), $250 (full day)

Auditing for RC Students: $35 (1/2 day), $65 (all Day)

Auditing for Non-students: $40 (1/2 day), $75 (all Day)